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Anne-Marie Cade

Anne-Marie Cade

I understand that my clients have real lives independent of their legal issues. I know that my clients are busy people and they are online using iphones, ipads and are more mobile than ever before. I have the courage to be different and I aim to serve these clients by providing them with the flexibility and privacy of accessing legal services conveniently as I run an online legal practice.

Convenience and accessibility is my aim and this is the reason that I provide access to legal services online. Most of my client contact is through the client portal, as well as through email, skype and on the telephone and I have built my practice around accommodating and working around my client’s needs and requirements. Most of my clients are busy professionals or young parents with children and they appreciate the fact that I could work around their schedules. They are able to contact me at their convenience. However when the situation demands and face-to-face contact is required I will meet clients at private meeting rooms or another location convenient to the client.

The legal profession is generally reluctant to adopt new technology. I on the other hand have embraced the developments in technology and have used them to my advantage. My clients can provide all their information and instructions to me via the secure forms on my website when convenient to them. The clients have the ability to discuss their matters with me online, upload and download documents and keep track of their matter as well at any time in a secure digital environment.

I started my legal practice of Le Mercier Legal & Conveyancing in 2006 at my living room table in 2006 as I had a baby of 3 years and two older children in primary school and wanted to work around my family. I had moved to Melbourne in 2003 after having practiced law in Sri Lanka for over 10 years. I have a Master’s degree in law and was admitted to practice in Victoria in 2006.

In 2013 i took over the practice of Daniel Lew & Co, Lawyers. Daniel Lew who was a well-known practitioner in the South Yarra area and since taking over I have expanded my practice.

I consider myself a “Legalpreneur” as I aim to demystify legal services for clients and I do this by incorporating the latest advances in technology to make legal services more accessible to clients who were previously unable to get help for legal issues they have. This approach affords me the opportunity of being more efficient and been able to provide cost effective legal solutions which are often of a higher quality.” The reason I became a lawyer is because I have an opinion about everything. As Martin Luther King Jr. said – “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.

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