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Anne-Marie Cade

Anne-Marie Cade

As an award winning and New law thought leader, I am always looking at ways in which I can make legal services more accessible to my clients. I also have a relentless enthusiasm for fixing client’s  problems. I understand that my clients have real lives independent of their legal issues and I know that they are busy people and they are online using iphones, ipads and are more mobile than ever before. I  have tailored my services around my client’s needs and I aim to serve them by providing them with the flexibility and privacy of accessing legal services conveniently as I run an online legal practice.  Clients can access the services my firm offers online and after hours at their convenience and provide their initial instructions via a secure web form when it suites them.

When they need to chat we can do it over the phone or by Skpe or Facetime  (when their kids are in bed) or even face-to-face if they want to come over and chat over a cuppa. Most of my clients are busy professionals or young parents with children and they appreciate the fact that I could work around their schedules. They are able to contact me at their convenience.

The legal profession is generally reluctant to adopt new technology. I on the other hand have embraced the developments in technology and have used them to my client’s advantage.

I started my legal practice in at my living room table as I had a baby and two older children in primary school and wanted to work around my family and have grown it  having served over 5,000 clients to buy or sell their homes and do their estate planning as well.

When I am not delving into contracts I love spending time with my children, going to the movies and eating out at Melbourne’s many fine restaurants. Am also a bit of a podcast addict, coffee addict and a chocoholic.

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