Unbundled Legal Services

Daniel Lew Le Mercier Unbundled Legal ServicesYou may have a legal problem but you can’t afford to hire a lawyer to represent you in court or to negotiate on your behalf. You can do most of the work yourself and Limited Scope Representation or “unbundled” legal services gives you the option of hiring a lawyer to handle only certain parts of your matter. This service is ideal for people with a limited budget or with modest means, who believe they have no other option and cannot afford full legal representation. This service is available to clients who want to do most of the legal work themselves but still need legal advice on certain aspects of the issue they are dealing with. Each step in the legal process is broken down and separated and the lawyer handles certain matters and the client is responsible for certain matters. A checklist will be provided so that the client is aware of what has to be done. There is clear division of responsibilities between the lawyer and the client.

This approach solves the access to legal services gap. Traditional access to justice involves full representation provided largely in the traditional way. Clients with modest means can’t afford traditional full representation but can afford to pay something. Legal aid does not assist this category of consumer. They are educated and have access to technology and therefore are good candidates to self-educate. Therefore unbundled legal services that are delivered online are suitable for them. They can navigate the legal system with the guidance of a lawyer.

It may also involve assisting the client with document review, form filling, advice regarding a dispute or assisting with preparing a basic legal document. . This service will be provided to you at a fixed fee, which you will be advised of once we review the scope of the work involved.

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